01 Nov 2020

If your radiator is not giving off heat as it should, the problem is likely caused by air that’s trapped in your radiator. A radiator that needs bleeding often feels colder at the top and warmer at the bottom. The good news is that you can bleed a radiator yourself without having to call in an expert. It is a rather simple, straight-forward, fast and safe task to undertake. The whole process basically consists of opening a valve to let any trapped air escape. Here is a simple 5-step list of instructions to walk you through the process of bleeding a radiator.

  1. Turn off the Central Heating

The first step to take is to shut off your central heating at the main controls. This stops more air from entering the system.

  1. Locate the Bleed Valve & Key and Protect the Area

The bleed valve on a radiator typically has a small red handle. The valve can be on either side of the radiator. Once you’ve located the valve, put a towel or bowl under the valve to catch any water that leaks out. It is also recommended to wrap your hand in a cloth to prevent being burned by hot leaking water. Next you need to find the bleed key or radiator key as it’s also called. This will allow you to easily open the valve. If you cannot find the key, you can purchase one at most DIY shops.

  1. Bleed the Radiator

To bleed the radiator, put the bleed key into the valve and turn counter-clockwise slowly and carefully. The air trapped inside the radiator will begin to come out. Don’t be alarmed if you hear a hissing noise as this is normal as the air escapes. You’ll know when all the trapped air has been released when water starts coming out of the opening.

  1. Tighten Up the Valve

Now it’s time to re-tighten the bleed valve. Make sure the valve is tightened back to its original position. Remember that any escaped water can be dangerously hot so be sure to use a cloth to clean up any spillage to avoid burning yourself.

  1. Turn the Heat On

Now it’s time to turn your central heating back on. After about two hours, check your radiator to make sure it feels the same temperature on both the top and bottom. Also check that no water is leaking from the valve.


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